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Amazing Flutes! August 22, 2018
Reviewer: Patricia France from Steilacoom , WA United States  
I just received my Curly Maple F# and Cascara G and I LOVE them both. I found no difficulty playing either one. I liked the small booklet that came with the flutes, giving basic notes and finger positions and how to care for the flutes! I have purchased a flute prior to these, but unfortunately I do not remember which one. I highly recommend Stellar Flutes! It is giving back to the community and small businesses that is just as important! The videos really helped to pick out which flutes I wanted. I am a novice with musical instruments and find peace when I play.

Well done! Thanks Stellar Flutes! I will not be a stranger!

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Breathe Easy September 19, 2017
Reviewer: J. M. Robertson from Blowing Rock, NC United States  
I received my Oregon Ash F# within 48 hours of ordering.  Having played other instruments, the biggest adaptation for me is the breathing.  I have never had to anticipate breaths in time.  It is good to learn and easy to develop technique.   The potential fingering difficulty on a larger flute was really not noticed.

Pre-selection of  the key of flute on line can be intimidating to the novice, yet the effort Stellar makes to  play and video each individual flute is an excellent aid and I would imagine has been helpful to many in the selection process.

Very nice people to work with.  They return all calls and answer all questions with customer's interests at heart.  Won't be long before I'll order another.

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Flutes for Rehab April 8, 2016
Reviewer: Gary & Carrie Lobdell from Mount Vernon, WA  
Hi everyone !  My wife and I recently bought 2 premier flutes -- for "rehab", if you can imagine that!!  I have Mind Body Syndrome ( google it to learn more) where my mind creates real physical pain where there is nothing wrong with my structural aspects. No disease, no broken bones -- but 3/4 of my day I fight severe pain. Doctors call it "psycosymatic" or fibromylagia or whatever term they can come up with for not being able to cure it.
Well let me tell you, the mind CAN and does produce pain where there is nothing wrong.  Ever had pain that seems to move around during the day?  That's it -- you've probably got it too. But things that help you feel better and have been proven to cure MBS are, for example, being creative like making art or music. And anyone -- ANYONE can play a flute with the pentatonic scale (5 note "octive") which is what the Native American flute is set up on. No matter what we play, it sounds harmonious and wonderful and soothes my body. I forget the pain, lost in the music. The Native Americans really knew what they were doing.  I really encourage people to try the Native American flute. You'll be amazed at what happens to your Spirit!!!
Thanks so much, Tom and Lily for introducing us to the Native American Stellar flutes. They are a lifesaver to us!!!!

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My favorite flute is a Stellar Flute April 8, 2016
Reviewer: Stef Frenzl from Seattle, WA  
Twelve years ago I had the fortune of purchasing my first native flute, which just so happened to be a Stellar Flute. Little did I know at the time that this flute would lead me to falling in love with flute playing, and bring me more joy and healing than I'd ever imagined possible.  I now own many flutes, and I'm quite particular about which flutes I take home.  I have played hundreds of flutes from dozens of flute makers, and Tom and Lily's flutes are among the very best.  In fact, my favorite flute is a Stellar Flute- it's beauty and sound literally invokes a deep sense of openness and awe to those who hear it. It's simply magical! Tom and Lily have truly mastered their craft. And what's incredible is that all of their flutes sound amazingly beautiful, whether basic or premiere. You can't go wrong with a Stellar Flute- the quality and price can't be beat.They both go the extra mile if needed to make sure you're happy.  I'm so grateful that Tom and Lily bring these wonderful flutes into the world, and I can't recommend Stellar Flutes highly enough.

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Extremely Pleased The Real Deal April 5, 2016
Reviewer: Allen from Warren, PA United States  
Well I started my research gathering intel on native american flutes about a year from my purchase month Oct.2015.Reading all that I can about these wonderful flutes and watching youtube videos too. I happen to come across Tom Stewart and his family youtube videos talking and playing their Stellar Flutes so I checked out all the videos by Tom and his gang and loved everything they stayed for quality and craftsmanship and affordability Most important superb customer service. It's a beautiful thing to know there companies here in America that truly cares about pleasing people. Don't hesitate to buy a Stellar Flute today!!!

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