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About Native American style flutes in the key of D

Key of hi D
Native American style flutes in the key of hi D have a bright and cheerful voice. This is a very high pitched and small flute. It is a great choice for a young child, though in my experience children can play flutes as low as key of G. The fingering holes are close together and smaller which makes playing this key of flute very fun. It is easy to move through the scale quickly and play lively fast paced tunes.

Key of low D
Native American style flutes in the key of D have a very deep and resonant voice. They are larger around then out E flutes, with a 1 1/8 inch bore diameter. The fingering holes are clustered in groups of three to make them easier to play, but this key of flute is still better suited for someone with some flute playing experience.

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Polar fleece carrying case for a Native American style flute A Native American style flute in the key of low D made from walnut  wood
Carrying Case
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#4609 Walnut low D
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Don’t forget to protect your flute! Our carrying cases are
hand made out of black polar fleece with a nylon shoulder strap and cinch  closure.  If you are buying this case for a flute you already have, please note what key your flute is in the comment section of your order so we will know what size you need. If you are buying a case for a flute made by a diffrent flute maker, please let us know what legnth your flute is.

They are great for carrying
and protecting your flute!

This flute is made from a lovely dark brown piece of black walnut wood. It has a wonderful, full and strong voice. It's a pleasure to play.