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About Native American style flutes in the key of E

Native American style flutes in the key of E have a deep and
resonant voice. The fingering hole stretch and bore diameter of this flute
makes it better suited for someone with flute playing experience. Often people
who have experience with other instruments can play this key of flute easily.

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Polar fleece carrying case for a Native American style flute A Native American style flute in the key of E made from Figured Maple
Carrying Case
Our Price: $19.95

#2058 Figured Maple E
Our Price: $255.00

Don’t forget to protect your flute! Our carrying cases are
hand made out of black polar fleece with a nylon shoulder strap and cinch  closure.  If you are buying this case for a flute you already have, please note what key your flute is in the comment section of your order so we will know what size you need. If you are buying a case for a flute made by a diffrent flute maker, please let us know what legnth your flute is.

They are great for carrying
and protecting your flute!

This flute is made out of a beautiful golden yellow piece of figured maple. It has a deep , rich voice. I've reduced the price because one of the fingering holes is off center. This is a visual flaw only and doesn't effect the voice or play-ability of the flute.