Group Flute Making
For Schools, Tribes, and other Groups

Group Flute Making Projects

We believe that taking part in creating your own flute and sharing that experience with your community brings a depth to this instrument and to the music you will make with it that is truly wonderful.

We are here to provide your group with quality flutes, and all the support and instruction necessary to successfully complete a flute making and playing project.

Learn what you need to host a project

Outline of a flute making project

Project Outline

A detailed outline of a flute making and playing project

Group pricing


Learn about the discounts available fro your group.

Supplies needed for a flute making project

Supplies List

A list of the tools and supplies that will make your project run smoothly.

Choosing the right key of flute

Choosing the Key

Learn what key of flute will work best with your groups age range.

Space requirements for a flute making workshop

Space Requirements

Learn what kind of space is ideal for hosting a flute making project.

How to Order

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