Here at Stellar Flutes, we have something for everyone! Concert quality Native American flutes for beginners and professional flute players, Pre Tuned flute making kits for the hobbyist wood carver and Pre Bored kits for the aspiring flute maker.

Premiere Flutes | Native flutes in many keys and woods

Here's what we have to offer

Basic Flutes | Cedar flutes for beginners

Basic Flutes

Simple yet elegant, these affordable cedar flutes are a wonderful option for beginner flute players.

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Premiere Flutes | Native flutes in many keys and woods

Premiere Flutes

Beautiful concert quality flutes in a wide range of keys, handmade out of unique and sustainable woods.

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Flute Making Kits | Woodworking kits for all levels

Flute Making Kits

Flute making kits designed for every level of woodworker, from novice to advanced. 

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First Flute | How to choose a Native American flute

First Flute

This basic guide will help you choose your first Native American flute with confidence.

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Video Lessons | Helpful guides on flute playing and more

Video Lessons

Easy to follow tutorials on how to play the native flute, how to embellish your flute playing, and much more

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Group Flute Making | Host a meaningful community project

Group Flute Making

Information on how to host your very own school or community flute making and playing workshop.

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Customer Testimonials

Love my flute beyond words... it is so beautiful and now that I am fairly proficient I enjoy playing it so much I can barely put it down. Stellar Flutes is a fabulous company, the customer service is top notch and they are such good people, they truly care about their customers.

Deborah, Boston, MA 

I have been so pleased with my Stellar flute. It has a beautiful sound, and great quality, especially for such a reasonable price. I play many different musical instruments, but my Stellar flute is fast becoming my favorite. It talks to my soul and calms me like no other instrument I've ever played. It is so easy to play and get a beautiful sound with very little experience. 

Melanie , North Ogden, UT 

I just received my stellar flute today and I am in love with it. Not only is it a piece of fine craftsmanship, It is also a link to the teachings of the natives which can be relived with every note played... this flute will be loved for many years. You guys rock!

Vasilios , Melbourne, Vic Australia

A cedar native american style flute in the key of A Basic Flute key of A - Dark Stained Cedar

Our dark stained cedar flutes have a homemade stain applied to darken the wood and give it a weathered, aged look. They will have a lighter colored block to contrast, and are signed with gold ink on the back.

Our Price: $105.00
A cedar native american style flute in the key of A Basic Flute key of A - Natural Heartwood Cedar

Our natural heartwood cedar flutes are made from unstained western red cedar heartwood and come in a wide range of warm brown colors.

Our Price: $100.00

a basic flute in the key of F# Painter Flute Key of F# -SALE

What is a painter?

A painter is a flute that has a visible flaw that doesn’t affect the voice or the structural stability of the flute such as a worm hole or a stabilized crack. These flutes are still perfectly good, but might not be the prettiest of the bunch, that’s why we call them painters! You can paint these flutes or wood burn to hide the flaw and no one will know the difference.

Our Price: $75.00

A cedar native american style flute in the key of A Basic Flute key of A - Natural Light Cedar

Our natural light cedar flutes are light blond colored western red cedar that is usually paired with a darker block for contrast.

Our Price: $95.00