Video Lessons

Learn the Basics - A guide quick guide to your first flute.

This is a very quick and basic guide to help get you started playing your first flute.

Flute Lesson | Song in G | Breathing While Playing

Flute Key: G

In this lesson I use a flute in the key of G to demonstrate how to breath while you play the flute.

Flute Lesson | Song in G | Finger Grouping

Flute Key: G


In this video I use a simple technique of lifting multiple fingers at once to create a unique sound which can be used in any song. 

Flute Lesson | Song in G | Tapping

Flute key: G

In this lesson I teach you how to tap your fingers to create rhythm and quick notes in your song. 

Flute Lesson | Song in G | Major Scale

Did you know your flute could play more then one scale? It can! Here is a quick guide to how to play the major scale on your flute. 

This is a clip from a very old video we shot on how to play the flute.

Flute Lesson | Song in A | Celtic Scale

Flute Key: A

In this lesson I play a celtic scale on a Native American style flute. This scale can be played on any key of flute and it is so much fun to play!

Flute Lesson | Song in A | Fluttering

Flute Key : A

In this lesson I teach you how to flutter your fingers while fading a note. 

Flute Lesson | Song in F# | Vibrato

Flute key: F#

In this lesson I demonstrate how to make a note quiver using your breath.  

Flute Lesson | Song in F | Embellishing Tricks

Flute Key : F

In this video I walk you through a few things I commonly do in my flute playing to add character and emotion to my songs. This is a great way to improve your flute playing after you are comfortable with the basic scale.

Drone Flute Lesson | Tips and Tricks

Flute key: G

In this lesson I show you some tips and tricks for playing a Drone or double flute. 

A full guide to the Native American style flute

An oldie but a goody, we recorded this video quite a while ago but it is still a very useful tool for beginners. It will walk you through the basics of playing and caring for a Stellar flute.

Troubleshooting Common Voicing Issues for Native American Style Flutes

Is your new flute squeaky, breathy, jumpy or raspy sounding? Or does it sound out of tune? These are all common voicing problems that I can help you solve in this video.

You may also want to watch the video below on how to place the block.

How to put your flute block on

Your flute block is the little piece that is tied on top of your flute. It is either bird shaped if you have a standard or low profile if you have a basic or a drone flute. The only important part of the block is the bottom which has a precision cut groove. In the video below I explain what the function of the block is and how to properly place it on your flute. I use a basic flute in the video, but the same advice applies to all of our flutes and flute making kits.

How to Maintenance your Stellar Native American Style Flute

This video only applies to flutes made by Stellar Flutes. Many other flutes do need to be oiled and waxed to protect them against moisture, however Stellar flutes are sealed inside and out with oil based varnish , so many flute maintenance kits will not work on our flutes.

How to read the Stellar Universal Fingering Chart

A quick guide on how to read the fingering chart that comes along with our Basic and Premiere flutes. A simplified version with only 4 keys also comes along with our Drone Flute Making Kits, Pre tuned Flute Kits and Pre bored Flute Making Kits.

Comparing keys of Native American style flutes

Here's a quick demo of various keys of our Native American style flutes being played back to back so you can compare.

A guide to Native American style flute terminology

In this video I show you what various parts of the flute are called. This is just Stellar Flutes terminology and other flute makers may call these parts by different names.

How To Shape Your Flute Making Kit 

(Full Video) 

Learn how to carve a Native American style flute using a Stellar Flutes pre tuned flute making kit. 

How to Adjust Your Hand Plane

Learn how to adjust your hand plane to shape your Native American style flute. 

How to Shape the Body of your Flute

Learn how to shape the body of your Native style flute. This is the part of the flute from the fipple to the foot. 

Shaping The Flute Mouth End

Learn how to shape the mouth end of your Native American style flute making kit.