Flute Making Kits

Pre Tuned Flute Making Kit

 Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Our Pre Tuned flute making kit is fully tuned and sealed inside against moisture from your breath. It will need to be shaped, sanded and have a finish of your choice applied to the outside. This kit is a great choice for any woodworker. They are simple enough that children can complete them with supervision, and they can be made into beautiful ornate pieces of art by the advanced woodworker.

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Pre Bored Flute Making Kit

Skill Level: Advanced

Our Pre Bored flute making kit is a set of two flute halves that need to be glued together, have fingering holes drilled using one of the included templates, tune the flute by enlarging the fingering holes, shape and sand the flute and finally apply 4 coats of oil or water based polyurethane varnish. It requires a lot of woodworking skill to complete and is not a good choice for a novice woodworker.

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