Basic Flutes

What is a Basic flute?

Stellar Basic flutes are Native American style flutes that are tuned to the pentatonic minor scale and made out of high quality, dark, western red cedar. They feature a low profile block which is simple and functional. We make Basic flutes in the keys of A, G and F#.

What is the difference between a Basic and a Premiere flute?

Both Basic and Premiere flutes are concert quality instruments. There is no difference in the quality of the voice or the tuning. Our Basic flutes are undecorated, feature a low profile block, and only come in western red cedar. Our Premiere flutes have a colorful cotton wrapping, feature an elegant bird shaped block, and come in a verity of hard and soft woods.

Is a Basic flute right for me?

If you are looking for a flute with a high quality voice at an affordable price than a Basic flute is the way to go. This is a great flute for a beginner who does not want to invest in a more expensive flute or for a collector who is trying to affordably expand their flute collection. This versatile flute is light weight enough to take hiking, and it’s low profile block makes it easy to travel with. It is also a great flute for someone who wants to add their own decoration.

Comparing keys

Listen to me play flutes in the keys of A, G and F# and decide which key sounds the best to you!